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The Boilerplate for SaaS Products, free and Open Source

The SaaS Factory Boilerplate is a standard boilerplate for advanced SaaS products. It's free and open source. One version works with Apollo GraphQL, React, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript, while the other is built entirely on Next 14.

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Top feature

A SaaS based on organizations

Each user will be able to create organizations (teams) to invite their collaborators and share the resources offered in their membership plan.

Streamlines growth by enabling easy addition or removal of users and efficient management of roles and permissions.
Efficient Collaboration.
Enhances communication and task assignment by organizing users into teams and departments, facilitating project collaboration.
Security and Control.
Centralizes access management and security policies, providing greater control over data and infrastructure.
The SaaS Factory Features

Top feature

Membership plans and billing ready to use with Stripe

The SaaS Factory is ready to use with Stripe. You can create membership plans and start billing your users in minutes.

Integration Ease.
tripe streamlines payment integration in your SaaS with an easily integrated API and comprehensive documentation, speeding up the development process.
Versatility and Global Security.
Stripe provides payment versatility and robust security, complying with standards like PCI DSS, ensuring secure transactions globally.
The SaaS Factory Features plans membership

Everything you need

Launch your idea in a weekend

Imagine that in 10 minutes you have everything ready to go directly to developing the specific module(s) of your business model.

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GraphQL with Apollo.
The GraphQL-based architecture makes data retrieval efficient, while Apollo Client simplifies application state management, enhancing user experience and reducing server load.
Leverage the power of TypeScript's static typing system to detect and prevent errors at compile time, providing increased confidence and productivity during development.
Build dynamic and responsive user interfaces with React, the leading JavaScript library for creating reusable and easily maintainable components.
Tailwind CSS
Streamline the design and styling of your application with Tailwind CSS, a utility-first framework that enables you to quickly customize your application's appearance without sacrificing code readability.
Prisma is one of the best current ORMs to manage databases.
Powerful authentication manager allowing you to add social providers and manage organizations, permissions and roles What you avoid doing by using this boilerplate.

Launching an MVP over a weekend or at least getting it to 50% completion to finish it next time, for an entrepreneur with a list of 20 SaaS ideas to try. There's no better tool than this boilerplate... That's why I created it and use it for each one of them!

Royler MariChal
Royler Marichal
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